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About Petty Marsh

Petty Marsh began as a small business with a deep-seated belief that strategy, speed, and quality can successfully live in the same recruiting space. Our innovative outside-in approach was born out of decades in search, staffing, and corporate talent acquisition. Your search starts here.

Areas of Practice

Supply Chain


Innovation, Transparency, Accountability, Trust, and Honor.


We are committed to each of these with high integrity and excellence

through every touchpoint.


Moving careers and companies forward by forming good teams.

Professional Male

The Company We’ve Kept

“We were referred by a vendor of ours and they were a cut above in honesty and quality. I will be sending them to others here for their needs.”
- J.B., Aviation Industry
Nationwide Headhunting

Nationwide Coverage

Our relationships span from sea to shining sea with teams and talent. We are fully engaged for your success from current sites or where you’re breaking ground – we’ve got you covered.

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